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Your Guide For Finding the Best Moving Boxes

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If you’re moving, you need boxes. That’s inevitable. But you’ll either spend a fortune on new moving boxes or find old ones and risk your belongings falling through the bottom. What can you do?

After spending thousands on a reputable mover, storage units, moving equipment, rentals and more, the last thing you want to do is buy costly moving boxes that you won’t need after the move. It’s easy to overspend on moving supplies, but searching for used boxes can take up a lot of time that you just can’t spare during this hectic time.

From online retailers to big box stores to liquor and grocery stores, there are many places where you can pick up cheap moving boxes. In general, you will need about 10 small, eight medium, and five large packing boxes per room. Check out this handy packing calculator to figure out how many boxes you will need for your size house.

Retail Stores

Retail businesses are a good first stop for finding the moving boxes you need.

  • Large retailers: Big box stores have a hug surplus of boxes that you could grab. If you time your visit to one of these stores when the employees are stocking the shelves, ask if you can take the leftover boxes. They will probably say yes and be grateful that you’re taking them off their hands.
  • Liquor stores: Stop in to your nearest liquor or wine store and ask if you can take some extra boxes. These boxes are ideal because they are partitioned, which is a good thing if you have stemware and wine glasses to pack.
  • Bookstores: These boxes are usually very sturdy because they are designed to hold a lot of heavy books. Hit up large bookstores, small ones, and even local college and university ones.
  • Grocery stores: Because grocery stores receive shipments daily, they often have a surplus of sturdy boxes they need to recycle.

Food and Drink Businesses

Don’t forget about food and beverage businesses, such as:

  • Coffee shops: Your neighborhood coffee shop, large and small, likely receives regular shipments of coffee supplies and snack items. You can get lots of various sizes of boxes by hitting up a coffee shop.
  • Bars: Just as with liquor stores, bars are good places to score free moving boxes, especially the ones with partitions. Try to time your visit around a big drinking holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve or the Super Bowl when boxes will be a plenty.
  • Restaurants: Eateries are a great source for moving boxes but just be sure not to use ones that have food stains on them so you stuff doesn’t get stained or start to smell.

Other Local Businesses

From offices to auto shops to apartments, there is an abundance of boxes at the following places.

  • Offices: Either hit up other offices or grab some from your own workplace. Ask your boss first of course, but you’ll have a lot of paper boxes at your disposal – with lids too.
  • Recycling centers: Check recycling drop-off locations, as they’ll have flattened corrugated cardboard that you can reshape into boxes for your needs. You can also use these flattened pieces of cardboard to line your hallways and entryways on moving day to keep stains off your rug.
  • Apartment complexes: Check the recycling bins on the premises, as there is a constant turnover of tenants who leave moving boxes behind. Same thing with college dorms.

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