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Sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to find the home we really want. For many of us, building a home can be an attractive way to ensure our families get the home we need, desire, and deserve. Custom home building is the key to getting your dream home! It can be a little difficult and confusing when you’re beginning the search to find a good San Antonio home builder.  Thankfully, we’ve been around for long enough to know all the best custom home builders in San Antonio, and all of them are a part of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association, which is “a not-for-profit trade association established to represent builders, developers, remodelers and affiliated industry members in cooperation to benefit and promote home-ownership.”  We’ve compiled a list of the best home builders for you to review and choose from, but before we get to that, let’s look at the top reasons to select a premier San Antonio home building company to begin with:

  • You can live where you currently reside and don’t need to move until it’s just right.  When you buy a home, you often feel like you have to move into the home right away. When you build a home, you can stay put and “direct traffic” throughout the entire project. Builders work with you to make sure you get the final result you want and need.
  • Spend what you can, a little at a time. Sometimes you can find a home builder that will work on your project over the course of years! You can save money, pay for a portion to be completed, and save money again while you look toward the next piece of the project.
  • The value of your home will be very high when you’ve finished. A brand new home is always going to be worth more than a home from 100, 50, 25, or even just 10 years ago. Homes depreciate, much like vehicles do, and if you capture the market at the right time, you can build a home with a value that will only go up for a few years before heading back toward depreciation.
  • Peace of mind.  When you have your home built by a San Antonio custom home builder, you know everything is brand new. The plumbing, electrical, foundation, and roof – there will be a long, long time before you need to start worrying about anything going wrong.

You might be a little worried about the cost of building a house in San Antonio, but you really don’t need to be. The cost of building a custom home in San Antonio isn’t much higher than buying a home, especially if you’re looking for a middle to upper-class abode. The cost of building a home will be different from person to person, case to case, family to family, and scenario to scenario. 

Remember that the most expensive parts of a home are always bathrooms and kitchens, while building bedrooms and spare rooms take substantially less money. According to Home Builder Digest, the average cost per square foot to build a home in San Antonio was found to be 90 dollars at a minimum, and 150 dollars was found to be the top end.  This list of San Antonio custom home builders can provide you with quotes and estimates of cost per square foot before they even break ground.

Weston Dean Custom Homes - Luxury San Antonio Home Builders

Weston Dean is a growing company with plenty of experience; they’re starting to expand toward Austin and already build in Boerne, New Braunfels, and San Antonio. They pride themselves on having modern, customized homes with higher-end materials and even have interior and exterior designers on staff that will help you decorate and put the finishing touches on your new home.

  • In service over 10 years
  • Excellent reviews on all platforms, especially Houzz.com, which is difficult to do
  • Regularly updated Facebook page with growing portfolio pictures
  • Full staff of architects, construction workers, designers, and customer service reps

Weston Dean Custom Homes | 9730 Autumn Canyon, San Antonio, TX 78255 | (210) 372-9091

CKC Custom Homes - Award-Winning San Antonio Home Builders

All CKC custom homes come with 10-year structural warranties that exceed national and local requirements.  Their team consists of architects, builders, and designers.  Founded in 2002, CKC specializes in one-of-a-kind home builds, restorations, and interior design respectively.  The lowest they’ll consider is $600,000.

  • 20 years of serving the area
  • Google reviews are pushing 5 stars, even with dozens of reviews
  • Need to limit customer base to those who can afford them
  • Pride themselves on their well-educated staff of various professions

CKC Custom Homes | 7902 Calle Rialto, San Antonio, TX 78257 | (210) 408-7613

Chesmar Homes - Functionally Designed Homes

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Chesmar Homes have made it a point to build homes that fit the needs of each family. Not necessarily focused on the top end, or unnecessary beauty of materials, Chesmar prides itself on making every square foot of your home influence your life in a positive way.

Chesmar Homes | 211 N Loop 1604 E #175, San Antonio, TX 78232 | (210) 957-3395

Stone Creek Custom Homes - Inspirational Designs Available

Stone Creek Custom Homes focus on making customers happy - specifically those who want a ranch style home.  Stone Creek only creates 1 and 2 story homes, and while all of the homes are 100% custom, they share designs from past customers with prospective customers to sample from. New homes are most often built by combining designs from previously created masterpieces by the same masons that have been with the company for years.

  • Stone Creek has been serving San Antonio customers for over 20 years
  • Perfect ratings on both Yelp and Facebook – nearly perfect on Google
  • Fully Engineered Post-Tension buildings with 10 year structural warranty
  • Extra emphasis on “the bones” of the home

Stone Creek Custom Homes | 25120 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78260 | (210) 494-5400

KM Builders - Financing Available Through KM Partner

“Design the experience.”  That’s the motto of the oldest, most experienced custom home builder in San Antonio.  KM Builders has been in business for 40 years and lets their long-term reputation, attention to detail, and experience speak for themselves.  KM Builders don’t design super fancy, super expensive homes.  They’re more of the mindset that a family makes the home, not the home makes a family.

KM Builders | 7915 Mainland Dr, San Antonio, TX 78250 | (210) 680-5626

Armadillo Homes - Most Modern Homes in Texas

Armadillo utilizes technology to make the most modern, most sophisticated, and innovative homes in the entire state of Texas. The point of Armadillo is to give you the newest technology, infused into your living situation. They embrace and leverage today's innovation through the creation of home plans, design, building, and delivery processes to achieve our goal.

Armadillo Homes | 7934 Glasgow Dr, San Antonio, TX 78223 |(210) 662-0066

Genuine Custom Homes - All-Inclusive Approach to Custom Homes in San Antonio

Genuine Custom Homes tailors every customized home design to your lifestyle, needs, and budget using a unique, all-inclusive approach to custom home building that involves everything from the plan design to the home’s features, including septic, foundation, driveway, sidewalks, and sometimes even the landscaping and pool! The team doesn’t use model homes or sales staff, so you work directly with the home builder, also called a custom home specialist.

  • Environmentally conscious with high-efficiency thermal envelope to lower your operating costs
  • Engineer-verified framing and foundation
  • Contract price established before you begin construction
  • 10-year warranty including third-party quality assurance walk-throughs

Genuine Custom Homes | 18756 Stone Oak Pkwy Suite 200, San Antonio, TX 78258 | (210) 387-6109

Map of Home Builders in San Antonio

Texas Best Moving and Storage is familiar with all of these wonderful builders. Each of them brings unique qualities and wonderful ideas to the table. Some have more experience than others, while some are more modern than traditional. We’re sure that one of the seven mentioned will meet your needs and preferences. Once you’ve decided on a San Antonio home builder and the project is nearly complete, give us a call at (210) 764-6683. We’ll be happy to make sure that your property and belongings are transported into your beautiful new home safely, quickly, and easily. If you’d like, feel free to get started with a free quote by filling out the form right on our website. Congratulations on your new home build! We can’t wait to see it!

Erik Scheetz
Erik Scheetz is founder of Texas Best Moving and Storage. Erik has over 15 years of experience in the moving business and has built Texas Best Moving and Storage with pride and integrity in San Antonio, Texas. He is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker with many years of experience. Texas Best Moving and Storage has strived to offer the best customer service and moving experience for every customer on every move.

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