Tips for Moving Your Garden Shed

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Erik Scheetz
Erik Scheetz
February 3, 2021
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Are you planning on relocation and wondering about moving your garden shed? College Bound Movers gives you some tips on how you can move it!

Garden sheds are the prized possessions of many homeowners, especially those who handle a lot of their own lawn and garden care. You can store just about anything in a shed, from tools and equipment to bikes and fertilizers. But over the years, your garden shed may start to seem like a war zone rather than a calming place. It needs to be organized, and what better time to do that than before a move? If you are planning to move soon, and want to take your garden shed with you, here are some tips on how to organize, pack and move it.

Take Stock of What You Have

Take inventory of all items in your shed. Then, organize them into different categories: keep, toss and donate. You’ll have to take everything out of your shed and place it neatly on your lawn. This is the only way you can really know what’s in there. You probably don’t need five shovels, three hammers and half-empty bags of bird seed you haven’t used in years.

Consider what to take with you and what can be donated or thrown out. Remember, the less stuff you bring with you, the more money and time you’ll save. Pack smaller items in sturdy boxes, and wrap and pad larger items for transport. Label everything.

Organize Your Shed in the New Spot

Once your shed has been moved to the new yard by professionals, it’s time to get serious about organizing. To keep things off the floor, add some DIY shelving with simple plywood, or purchase some shelves if you’re not too handy. Using vertical space will free up a lot more space for heavier things that have to go on the ground, such as lawnmowers.

Add heavy duty hooks to one wall to hang bikes, wheelbarrows, and sports equipment. Seasonal items should go higher up on shelves. Be sure to label all bins. Keep chemicals such as weed killer, pesticides and paint in storage containers with lids so they don’t spill. Keep them out of reach of children.

Hang Your Tools

Since your garden shed’s main purpose is to store tools, you’ll have to get crafty about where you keep them. They should be easily accessible and safely out of the way of curious hands. You can add pegboard to one wall and hang all your smaller tools there. Use larger, more secure hooks to hang shovels, pitchforks, and rakes.

Try a Magnetic Bar

Here’s another cool idea. You may already use magnetic strips in your kitchen to store your knives. But this concept works equally well in the shed. You can attach trowels and shears to these powerful magnetic bars mounted on the wall. No more frantic searches through the junk drawer or messy tabletop!

Make a Glove Holder

This is an easy DIY project that will ensure you never lose a glove again. Glue clothespins to a plank of wood, then attach to the wall. Clip each glove with a clothespin and you have an instant DIY glove holder.

Add Lighting

Most sheds don’t have built-in lighting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some after the fact. Mount a battery-operated light or lantern that you can easily turn on when you need to locate items.

Contact Texas Best Moving and Storage

If you need help moving your garden shed then call College Bound Movers! We can move them safely and efficiently. Contact us for a free quote in San Antonio at 210-762-4341 or Lacoste at 210-987-9945.

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Erik Scheetz
Erik Scheetz is founder of Texas Best Moving and Storage. Erik has over 15 years of experience in the moving business and has built Texas Best Moving and Storage with pride and integrity in San Antonio, Texas. He is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker with many years of experience. Texas Best Moving and Storage has strived to offer the best customer service and moving experience for every customer on every move.

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