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Looking for piano movers in San Antonio, Texas?

If you have a piano to move in the San Antonio area, no matter what size or type, it’s always wise to call a professional mover for help rather than attempt the job on your own. With most pianos weighing several hundred pounds, and a grand piano weighing upwards of 1200 pounds, it just makes sense to let an expert do it. On top of that, pianos have lots of delicate and awkward parts, from legs to keys, which can easily be damaged if you don’t know what you’re doing.

For professional piano moving services in and around San Antonio, turn to Texas Best Movers. You may already know us for our residential and commercial moving expertise, as well as our full packing services. But did you also know we specialize in moving large, heavy items such as pianos?

Experienced San Antonio Piano Movers

Moving a piano without the proper equipment can damage the piano and surrounding walls and floors. But even more than that, it can be very dangerous for you and anyone helping you out. It’s very easy to pull a back or neck muscle or take a nasty spill. Adding medical bills to the move isn’t very budget-friendly.

Our fully licensed and insured moving company serves all of San Antonio, and surrounding areas with trusted piano moves. Let us address all your piano moving needs with attention to detail and efficient service. Rest assured, we take all precautions to ensure your belongings are moved safely and hassle free.

Because pianos contain many delicate, awkward pieces, from keys to legs to benches, it’s best to let a professional handle this task to avoid damage of these parts. Our movers bring all the proper equipment to properly dismantle, pad and transport your piano with minimal risk of damage to the instrument itself, the floors, walls and ceilings, as well as any hallways and stairwells along the way.

Our Piano Moving Process

It’s more affordable and safe to hire professionals in the first place. Our piano movers are licensed and insured and have many years of experience moving large items like this. We will show up with the proper equipment and safety gear to get the job done right the first time with minimal risk of damage.

When you call us for a free estimate, we’ll visit your home to assess the situation and determine the best plan of attack. Once we know which route to take and what is involved, we’ll give you a written estimate and book an appointment. On the scheduled moving day, we will show up with all the right supplies to seamlessly get your piano moved and loaded onto the truck.

Expert Piano Movers

A piano move, when done by professionals, should only take two people, unless there are stairs and awkward spaces involved, then we may send three. There are many reasons why our professionals are right for the job. We:

  • Know exactly how to disassemble a grand piano, transport it, and assemble it again in the new place.
  • Bring skids, dollies, tools, straps, and pads for an efficient and safe job, as well as boards that are able to move many hundreds of pounds across floors without damage.
  • Understand the sentimental and financial value of pianos, taking great effort to move them with care.

Not only are we well-versed in all aspects of moving pianos, we have worked with every brand out there, from Steinways to Baldwins. When you call us for a free quote on your piano move, we’ll advise you on the process and what you can do to prepare for the move beforehand. Here’s what you can do before we even step foot into your home, to make the process go more smoothly:

  • Plan out the preferred route of transport for the movers. Relocate any furniture that may get in the way, as well as loose rugs, ottomans, toys and anything else that could trip our movers up.
  • Protect the vulnerable areas of your home, such as freshly-painted walls, flooring, wall artwork and photo frames. Remove them if you can, or cover them with tarps.
  • Remove any accessories from the piano, such as caster wheels, pedals and the music desk (where the sheet music is propped up). Move the bench out of the way and remove any music sheets and books that may be inside.
  • Make an appointment for tuning after the piano is in your new home, not before. Several adjustments may occur during transport, no matter how careful your movers are. Keys get jostled, for one thing. For another, the piano will be subjected to a range of temperature extremes that can impact its inner workings.

Rest assured, our piano movers are licensed and insured with several years of relevant experience moving large items such as pianos. We have the routine down to a science. 

Contact Texas Best Movers to Get a Free Quote

To learn more about our moving services and to get a free quote for your upcoming relocation, (210) 764-6683 in San Antonio.


Read What Our Customers are Saying About Us

Diane McHughDiane McHugh
19:05 06 Dec 23
Texas Moving has helped us move multiple times and they never disappoint. They are conscientious, careful, polite, AND fast! They listened and checked in as to the completion of the job. Thank guys. . .again!
Allan AubertAllan Aubert
20:27 10 Nov 23
Awesome, friendly experience. Took very good care of our furniture. Price was very reasonable.
Carlos AlcalaCarlos Alcala
23:30 18 Aug 23
Very professional experience.
Christina TeresaChristina Teresa
23:51 12 Aug 23
My mom and I used them for both of our moves. They were super nice and very professional! I highly recommend them!
Justice N.Justice N.
21:12 17 Jun 23
They assisted in packing my apartment and moving it, quick and efficient. Great people to talk to and to be around. We worked with both Jon and John, they tackled the hard situation of moving in Texas heat and no ac in our apartment with no complaints and got everything moved over to out new place faster than I expected. Definitely will be using their services again in the future!
Andrew KleinAndrew Klein
06:54 02 Nov 22
Julian and John were great. They took very good care of my belongings and completed my moved within the amount of time I had estimated. They drove safely to the destination and were very polite, answering almost everything with "sir." That was just the move. I had a major family medical emergency near Austin the Sunday before my move and Guillermo was compassionate and helpful in adjusting my move to the times that suited me. After 4 days of exceptional stress, I had a moment of frustration and abrasively responded to something Guillermo said and he didn't flinch. I'm pretty OCD about my stuff but it looks to have all made it without damage to anything. 10/10 Excellent work
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