Planning an Office Move Schedule

Is your company slated to move to a new location? Are you concerned about the logistics of relocating and what you’ll need to accomplish before the office movers arrive? A commercial relocation requires an investment of time and money, as well as a solid, comprehensive plan.

As you plan your relocation, you’ll want to check off these simple steps as you get closer to the official move date. Utilize the knowledge of the professional movers you hire, and stay on budget for your commercial move.

Create a Timeline for Your Office Relocation

You might already have a date in mind for the move, but the timeline requires much more than settling on the date the commercial movers will arrive. It’s also important to schedule things like the days employees won’t have access to company computers and files, as well as the date when each employee’s desk must be packed.

Tip:¬†Arrange the move date when your business isn’t experiencing its busy season.

Assign an Office Moving Coordinator

Movers in San Antonio that specialize in commercial moves should have most of the answers you need regarding each step of the moving process, but you should assign someone in-house to “own” the move as their project.

If you have project managers at your business, their skills should qualify them to act as the point of contact between your business and the movers. The person you put in charge of the move should also arrange regular meetings with staff or send out emails to everyone regarding the move’s details, timeline, and specifics as they’re decided.

Reduce Clutter Before the Move

If your business has operated in its space for many years, now’s the time to get rid of old equipment, engage in some recycling, and head to the donation center. Remember that you can reduce the cost of working with a moving company by reducing the amount of furniture and other items that must be transported.

Keep Things Simple

Transport of IT equipment, employee files, and sensitive information can seem like a complex endeavor, but the best way to make arrangements is to keep everything simple. For example, don’t have extra personnel on site the day of the move.

Your relocation crew can operate more efficiently if the office is clear of people who are trying to get work done during the move.

Answers These Questions Before Your Office Move

Each move is different and requires a different plan, so it’s important to ask yourself these questions as you plan your move. The answers you give will impact how your full service movers pack, transport, and unpack your company’s furniture.

Are You Taking the Furniture?

Did the cubicles in which your employees sit come with the office space when you rented it? Or, will you be taking all the furniture with you when you move?

If the answer is “yes” to this question, you’ll want to create a plan on paper that features the layout of each office space and where the furniture belongs. You’ll color code your plan and create an inventory list of the items your San Antonio movers will need to transport.

Is the Furniture Worth Moving?

If you’re moving a significant distance, you might consider selling your furniture at the old office and purchasing furniture at the new location. Compare the price of buying new furniture against the cost of transporting it. Long distance moving companies can help you with this calculation.

Begin as early as possible to plan your move, particularly when you have a date in mind for the event, and rely on the expertise and assistance of your full service movers in planning this important companywide event.

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