6 Tips for Moving in a Week or Less

Moving is no doubt a time-intensive process. It’s best to have at least a month to plan, with another two weeks or so to do the actual packing and cleaning. But if you have found yourself facing a quick move in San Antonio, in a week or less, no need to stress out. It can still be done!

Here are six tips for tackling a successful move on short notice.

1.  Plan

It can feel very overwhelming to plan a move in under a week, so first, just take a deep breath and relax. Then, get a plan in place. Hiring movers should be your first task. Ask at least three movers for free quotes. Narrow down your selection based on price, experience, skill and friendliness. Of course, you’ll also have to make sure the one you choose can handle your move on such short notice.

2.  Gather Supplies

Because you simply won’t have time to take multiple trips back and forth to the store for boxes and packing materials, make sure you get what you need on the first pass. Buy more than you think you’ll need, in the interest of saving time. To save even more time, let your movers do the packing for you.

3.  Get Help

In addition to the movers, you’ll need some help on moving day. Ask friends to help. Maybe someone can watch your kids during the move, while others could take car loads of small stuff to the new place if it’s a local move.

4.     De-Clutter

When you’re in a rush, it’s very helpful to have to pack less stuff. To that end, get rid of everything you can, especially things that no longer serve a purpose. Separate into three piles: toss, recycle, and donate. As a side note, Goodwill has a convenient location in downtown San Antonio.

5.  Don’t Worry About Organizing

When time is of the essence, perfect organization goes out the window. Your boxes may not all be neatly packed and labeled. Maybe one box has linens and some electronics tossed together. So what! As long as it all gets packed in a semi-careful way to avoid breakage, it’s all good. If you have some newspaper or packing paper, wrap your breakables in it before placing in the box.

6.  Remember the Details

Don’t forget to cancel your utilities in the old place and set them up in the new place. Change your address with the post office, notify the new school of your child’s arrival, etc. You may not have a ton of time to make those phone calls, but fit them in where you can.

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