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4 Millennial-Friendly Moving Tips


You’re a Millennial if you were born anywhere between the years of 1980 and 2000. You’re also a part of a large segment of the U.S. population, the product of either Baby Boomers or early Gen X parents. In fact, the Millennial generation is the biggest in U.S. history – even bigger than the Baby Boom generation, according to Goldman Sachs.

This generation put off home buying a bit more than the previous generations, but many are now becoming first time homebuyers, especially those on the younger end. So, now that you have decided to buy a house and move, you may need some tips to help you make it a successful one. The first step to doing that is to hire experienced residential movers.

Here are four Millennial-friendly moving tips to follow.

1.  Take Advantage of Tech

Download moving apps to make it easier to manage your tasks during a move. Some allow you to upload photos of your boxes to see what’s packed in each. Others allow you to create timelines and calendars, and share them with family and friends. Many of them allow you to set reminders so you don’t miss a beat.

2.  Gather Supplies

Pick up all the supplies you’ll need for packing and moving, such as cardboard boxes (small, medium, large), bins, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, labels and markers. It’s a good idea to color code your boxes so you know exactly what’s in them and which room each box should be placed in.

If you have a lot of clothes on hangers, especially formal or work clothes, consider buying a wardrobe box so you can just hang them each up and transport them like that. Then, when you unpack, there’s no need to go to the dry cleaners or iron out all the wrinkles.

3.  Give Yourself Plenty of Time

You may remember back to when you could pack up a dorm room and move back home in a matter of a few hours. But this is a whole different ball game, and one that requires a lot of time and preparation. You have a lot of furniture, electronics, clothing, décor items, and appliances that all have to be moved out and in within a timely manner.

Plan about one or two days to pack up each room. It’s much faster to pack up a studio apartment than it is for a two-bedroom condo or three-bedroom house. Declutter first, giving away stuff you don’t need, or trashing broken or stained stuff. List good conditions for sale online to make some extra cash.

4.  Know Your Limits

You may be ready to get out there and tackle the world, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help. You’re getting older now. The friends who may have helped you move into your first apartment a few years ago for beer and pizza may be busy now with their own families. Hire professional movers and save money, time and hassle.

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