Tips for Moving into an Apartment

Moving into an Apartment
erik scheetz
erik scheetz
May 7, 2015

You've found the perfect apartment, and you're in the planning stages for your move. Although you might not think moving into an apartment or condo is as difficult as moving into a house, you'll face some unique challenges that you might not in a house.

Here's how to meet those challenges as you begin planning your apartment move in San AntonioApartment Movers

Are There Stairs?

One of the difficulties of moving into an apartment is hauling items upstairs, and if your apartment is on the second story and requires a trip up the stairs, you'll need to let your professional movers know so they can budget the right amount of time for the move.

Check to see if your apartment complex has a service elevator you can use. The doors are wide, and the elevator is often larger than the elevator used by residents. You might also take a look around the property to see if there are any entrances you can use that won't require steps into the first floor.

Get Out Your Measuring Tape

Unless you're willing to construct some sort of frightening system of pulleys, there's a good chance some of your largest pieces of furniture won't fit around corners or up the stairs. Don't wait until the day of your move when the crew from your moving company gets stuck in the stairwell, and you realize your wrap-around couch won't fit.

Take a measuring tape to large items in your present home and measure the small corners and doorways of your new apartment building. Local movers can often get furniture around tight corners by turning items on their sides, but sometimes items are simply too large to fit.


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Consider the Size of Your New Apartment

If you're moving into a larger space than what you're living in now, congratulations on the larger home! However, if you're going to have a little less room in your new place than you did before, you'll want to think about whether your full service movers will be able to fit everything in the new apartment.

Moving is a great time to rid yourself of extra items anyway. Have a garage sale or donate the furniture that you can't fit into your new apartment. Even if your new apartment isn't drastically different in size, getting rid of some old things when you move is a good idea anyway.

Have a Plan for Box Placement

If you're dealing with some small rooms, it's important to have your movers in San Antonio unload the boxes so you can unpack them easily. The best way to accomplish this is to have the boxes placed in the room where they belong rather than in a single big pile in the living room.

Apartment Moving Tip: Before moving day, pick up some colored or numbered stickers to label the boxes. Then, place a number or colored piece of paper at the entrance to each room to signal where the boxes should go during unloading.

Speak and Plan With Your San Antonio Movers

Your best allies during your move into an apartment are the San Antonio movers who you hire. Discussing all of the potential pitfalls and speed bumps associated with your move will make sure everything goes as planned on the big day.

Your contact at the moving company will probably ask you all the requisite questions for specifics about your move, but it can't hurt to volunteer as much information as possible in the planning stages. The best way to approach your move is with lots of planning and communication with your moving company.

erik scheetz
Erik Scheetz is founder of Texas Best Moving and Storage. Erik has over 15 years of experience in the moving business and has built Texas Best Moving and Storage with pride and integrity in San Antonio, Texas. He is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker with many years of experience. Texas Best Moving and Storage has strived to offer the best customer service and moving experience for every customer on every move.

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