Top 10 Moving Mistakes People Make

Learn From Other People’s Common Moving Mistakes

We get it – moving is hard. Packing up your entire life’s possessions can be stressful and overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a big move coming up, make sure not to make these common errors.

1. Underestimating the Task


You’ve heard it a thousand times – packing always takes longer than you think. Even if you’ve moved before, however, all of the tasks add up. Unless pulling all-nighters is your forte, we recommend always being generous with your packing estimates so that you don’t end up down to the wire come move-out day.

2. Procrastinating


Procrastination can work for some things, like that English paper you blew off in college. But when it comes to relocating your entire life, there’s no way you want to skimp on time! Once you’ve assessed everything that needs to be done and created a checklist, make sure you build in enough time to actually get all of your things packed away – and then, you know, actually get crackin’ on those boxes.

3. Refusing to Downsize First


Trust us, if you haven’t been using it now…chances are you’re not going to need it in your new home, either. Instead of packing up a bunch of useless items, unpacking them, and then finally sending them to Goodwill years later, just save yourself the trouble (not to mention moving truck space) and purge before you move. Downsizing is one of the most efficient ways to reduce your moving stress: not only will you have less to pack, but finally parting ways with items that no longer serve you will help you feel uncluttered. Then you’ll be able to focus your efforts on packing up what really matters to you.

4. Not Getting Several Moving Quotes

research moving quotes

This is definitely some research you want to do ahead of time. Don’t just pick the first guy you find; you’ll certainly regret a shoddy mover when your treasured piano comes out dented or your box of valuables gets jolted around too much – or never arrives. Call several people, compare estimates, and make sure you choose someone who knows what they’re doing. Lucky for you, Texas Best Movers has both the experience and the care to treat your valuables well – give us a call and we’ll give you an estimate right away.

5. Not Organizing Enough

organize your moving moxes

While this sounds impossible (“I’m moving! All my things are in boxes! How is that not organized?”), hear us out. You can make your unpacking and moving-in process exponentially easier if you spent a little extra effort when packing up. Don’t just throw all the items in a room into boxes; make sure you group items together and label everything. Make best friends with a permanent marker and write down the main items on all your boxes; it’ll make hunting down your various possessions a lot easier later on.

6. Forgetting The “Unpack First” Box


It sounds like a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget this simple step and make the first night in their new home a whole lot more annoying. Make sure you designate an “Unpack First” box in which to put all of the items you’ll need most urgently when moving in. What goes into your open-first box is up to you, but allow us to suggest the obvious items like bedding and toiletries, plus a few things that will probably come in handy, like light bulbs, a tool kit, and even a few dishes and utensils for those first few hurried meals (even if they’re eaten while sitting on the bare floor of an empty room).

7. Neglecting the Weather


Okay, so if you set your date for The Big Move months in advance like most people, chances are you can’t predict with certainty what the weather will be like. If it’s sunny, then lucky you! But make sure you have your bases covered if it looks like a rainy week; have some plastic tarps on hand to protect your cardboard boxes, which are decidedly non-waterproof.

8. Forgetting to Take Measurements


Nothing is worse than to go through the entire moving process, only to realize that a beloved piece of furniture won’t fit through the door of your new home. Make sure you measure all your large items, and be prepared to disassemble the larger pieces (or unhinge the door) if necessary.

9. Not Checking Insurance


If a mover drops the box of your favorite dining set, who’s going to cover the damages? You are, if your mover isn’t insured, or simply doesn’t have enough insurance. Make sure your valuables are protected and hire someone who is properly covered. (In case you were wondering, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured so that your possessions are always covered, start to finish.) If you need more help packing up your fragile items, check out our blog post on the topic.

10. Not Drinking Enough


Just kidding! But are we, really? Pour yourself a glass of wine, whip up some margaritas before you pack the blender, put some upbeat music on…do whatever it takes to put you into the mood for packing. Moving is hard! Make sure you’re properly de-stressing, taking everything one step at a time, and fueling with wine when appropriate. If you think you need help…give us a call.