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Tips for Packing Your Bathroom

Packing your bathroom for a move will be an exercise in de-cluttering, as so many items in this room are probably outdated. From prescription medications to old creams and lotions, you can probably best start this task with a good purge. As such, packing a bathroom will start with tossing all the old stuff.

Lotions and Creams

Lotions and creams typically have a shelf life of six months to one year. If you hang onto them longer than that, their effectiveness, potency and chemical structure won’t be up to par, especially when it comes to sunscreen and face or wrinkle cream. To pack them effectively so they don’t leak or spill all over everything, put them in small or large zip baggies.


Discard all prescription medications that are past their expiration date. It’s dangerous to consume them once that date has passed. But don’t just flush all those unused pills and liquids down the toilet. This isn’t safe either, as they can get into the local water supply. Your best bet is to bring them to a pharmacy, and they will dispose of them for you properly.

Bathroom Packing Considerations

Here are some things to keep in mind before packing up the bathroom:

  • Sort bath items into categories. This will give you an accurate inventory of what’s on hand. Take note of what you will need to buy once in the new place.
  • Throw out or donate discolored or fraying towels.
  • If you have a fabric laundry curtain, wash it now so it’s ready to go up in the new bathroom.
  • Pack folded linens in kitchen bags, placing a dryer sheet into each bag so the towels smell fragrant and remain moisture-free.
  • Don’t pack candles or anything else that will melt in a hot moving truck.
  • Discard rusty tweezers, scissors or razors.
  • Donate sheets that don’t really fit your mattress to homeless shelters.


In the New Home

Once you have arrived, the first order of business is to clean the bathroom. Go from the top down, meaning start with the ceiling, then walls, then cabinets and finally, floors. If the bathroom needs a coat of paint, do this after cleaning. It’s best to apply a semi-gloss paint which will make for easier cleaning later on and will prevent moisture from getting into the walls.

  • Use a color coding system to differentiate between family members using the same bathroom. Each person gets their own color, which will apply to everything they own, such as baskets, towels, bins and hangers.
  • You can also monogram each towel to define ownership.
  • Store plug-in items like blow dryers and curling irons under the sink.
  • Keep clutter off countertops for easier cleanup.

Packing your bathroom doesn’t have to be daunting when you are prepared ahead of time.

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