Tips For Moving Your Plants

Considering moving your plants? It takes planning and preparation to do it right, or you risk killing your beautiful plants.

If you are making a move from one house to the other or from an apartment to a house, you know what a hassle it can be to pack up everything you own and transport it. But this is especially stressful if you have living things that are delicate and that need TLC to move, such as house plants. You can’t just pick them up, put them in a box and throw them in the moving truck. It takes planning and preparation to do it right, or else you risk killing your beautiful plants.

To ensure your plants make the trip OK, follow these tips.

Small Plants

Got a few small plants that you need to move? You don’t want to tip them over or break their pots, so wrap the ceramic pot itself and leave the plant bare. Get one big box and nestle each plant inside, close together, putting paper in between. Leave the lid open and make sure you pack them last.

Put them on top of every other box because they are the most fragile. In fact, it’s best if you just transport them in your own car, and secure them in the front seat for the trip. Make sure you climate control the car, adding AC or heat as needed to ensure an even temperature. If you want to have your plants shipped to your new house, you’ll have to pack them in a box and pad them with newspaper.

Got delicate tops of your plants? Use shredded newspaper or tissue paper to protect them. Label the box “fragile” and “this end up” so your movers know to handle with care. Some plants are more conducive to mailing, such as snake plants, but not ideal for other plants like orchids, which are more delicate.

The easiest plants to move are hanging plants because you can just hang them in the front seat or back seat of your car on the hooks.

Large Plants

Moving large plants entails some of the same steps as moving small plants, but the process is a bit more involved. Tape cardboard over the soil to avoid spillage in transit. For taller plants that can easily get uprooted or start to tilt, you’ll have to replant them once in the new place.

Wrap the pots in newspaper so the ceramic doesn’t scratch your other belongings. When transporting large plants that don’t fit in the front of your car like the smaller ones do, pack them securely in the back so nothing slides or crashes into them. If you have a sprawling plant with lots of branches, flowers or leaves, bind them gently so they remain compact.

Following thee tips will ensure your plants arrive in the best condition possible.

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