Texas Moving Quotes: A Helpful Comparison for Homeowners

Whether you plan to move your household to another area of town, or you are taking your business across the country, selecting the right moving company is vital to a successful relocation. To kick off your estimate process right, get four to five estimates and then perform an an apples to apples comparison.

When you review your quotes to ensure the same inclusions, you will save not only time but money, too. Plus, you can avoid any scams or unscrupulous moving charges that can surprise you at the last minute. Here are some things to be on the lookout for when comparing your moving estimates.

Weight, Mileage and Hours

Check the parameters of each quote you get to ensure they are all for the same estimated weight, mileage, projected hours and number of workers. If you are receiving quotes for a long-distance move, you should be quoting with long-distance movers who specialize in that rather than a moving company that doesn’t offer this service.

Calculations for number of workers and hours will be different according to the company. Some movers charge a flat rate for a certain number of hours, then charge an hourly rate per person for every hour after that threshold. This may lead to an expensive surge in your moving costs – something you haven’t budgeted for. Make sure mileage is clearly indicated and calculated for all quotes, with no per-mile addition to the quote after you have signed.

Storage, Insurance and Additional Services

When comparing quotes, check for additional services that are not included in all your estimates. There’s no way you can make a valid apples-to-apples comparison if one quote includes packing and materials, while the others don’t. Be on the lookout for any other add-ons, such as insurance coverage, mileage, fuel, storage time and space.

Other Things to Watch Out For

When reviewing your estimates, be mindful of very high or very low quotes. If one quote is significantly lower than the rest, make sure the parameters of that quote match the others, with no additional fees, mileage charges, or hourly rate limits. On the other side of the coin, if a quote is significantly higher than the others, take a closer look to see if they are overestimating hours or mileage, and if they have failed to add services or products that you can’t find in the other quotes.

Make sure all the moving companies have adhered to licensing regulations, and that they are quoting enough movers to complete the job in a timely manner.

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