Should I Pay for Packing Service or Do It Myself?

Moving is a complex and occasionally expensive endeavor, and you may be trying to decide whether to pack your own boxes or allow your San Antonio movers to handle the job.

The answer to this question isn’t the same for everyone, and you’ll want to examine the advantages of having someone else pack your belongings before you move.

A Packing Service Isn’t an “All or Nothing” Part of Moving

Your full service movers can pack absolutely everything you own, transport the boxes, and then unpack everything, as well as take care of packing only on the front or back end of the journey.

You might have your moving company pack everything you own at your old house and then choose to unpack everything on your own at your new place.

If you’re not sure yet where you might want to place decorative items and furniture, you can make those decisions at your leisure after your professional movers have completed the move.

Professional Packing Helps for Fragile Items

If you choose to have your movers in San Antonio pack your possessions, they’ll know exactly how to store your fragile items in a box so they won’t break during transport.

If you’re experienced with moves and aren’t new to the packing process, you can choose to handle fragile packing on your own. However, don’t underestimate the bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other protective packing materials moving companies can provide.

Feel up to packing your books but worry about your fragile items? Ask for assistance with packing breakables and unwieldy items.

Reduce Stress on Moving Day with Packers

Even if you’ve moved a dozen times before, you know the process takes more time than you think it will, and there’s always something unexpected that happens.

Maybe the cat accidentally escapes while you’re transporting boxes into the truck or you forget to have the power turned on at your new home. Packing is another hassle that can add unnecessary stress to your move.

Don’t spend time worrying about buying boxes and getting everything packed before your movers arrive. Let your movers in San Antonio deal with the cardboard, tape, and packing peanuts.

Budgeting Your Move with Your Own Packing

One of the most common reasons families choose to handle the packing on their own is the cost that comes with it. It’s important to think about the monetary savings you’ll receive by packing your own possessions against the investment of time and the cost of boxes and packing materials.

If you can budget the time for packing your own items, it’s fine to handle the job on your own. You can hire long distance and local moving companies to handle nothing more than the packing of the truck, transport, and unloading.

If You Choose to Pack On Your Own

Sometimes, it won’t take any time at all to decide whether to pack your possessions. You’re out to save money, and you know that you can accomplish this by packing on your own. However, price isn’t your only consideration.

Remember:¬†Boxes only keep their strength for so long. If you’ve moved a few times, it might be time to invest in new boxes, particularly if you’re moving heavy items or breakables.

Additionally, don’t use shipping boxes when you should be using moving boxes. There are several thicknesses and strengths, and there are even different types of packing tape for storage, moving, and mailing.

If you’re not sure if you want to pack your own boxes, start by speaking with local movers about their rates to get a general idea of your moving costs. If you start planning early, you’ll have plenty of time to decide whether a packing service is right for you.

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