Fun Playroom Ideas for Your New San Antonio Home

If you have kids, you know how important fresh air and exercise are to everyone in the family. But let’s face it, you  probably spend just as much time playing indoors as you do outdoors thanks to the intense heat of San Antonio, especially in summer. Your kids need a dedicated play room that they can call their own.

Moving to San Antonio? Don’t forget the playroom! We’ve come up with some fun playroom ideas you can incorporate into your new home.

Choosing Decorations, Patterns and Colors

It’s important to settle on decorations, patterns, colors and themes that will grow with your children. Your little girl may like princesses now at eight, but in five years when she turns 13, they won’t be so cool anymore. Be on the lookout for durable wallpaper in patterns that will still be age appropriate as they grow older. You can always keep neutral tones and switch out bedding, decorations, pillows and throw rugs as their interests change.

Take Play Habits into Consideration

When staging your kids’ playroom, you’ll have to think about what they play with most often. If your boys love to zoom cars along a track, make that the focal point, rather than the blocks they may only play with once in a while. Add shelving for their favorites books, putting the most-read ones at eye level. Use plenty of storage bins along the walls for easy cleanup and storing of small pieces.

Designating a Room

If you don’t have a room that’s already been specified as a playroom, you may have to choose an area in a large living room to cordon off, or sacrifice a guest bedroom for the playroom. If you decide to partition a large room, settle on an area that feels contained, such as a corner or pocket between two bookshelves. Use a small divider, curtains or modular flooring to further designate the playroom space.

When deciding on how to furnish that area, keep it in the same vein as the rest of the room. You want it to be fun for the kids, but you also don’t want it to look out of place and random in a larger room that’s meant for entertaining adults.

Fun Elements

When decorating your playroom, incorporate one or two fun elements that bring a unique aspect to the space. You could paint one wall with blackboard paint so your kids can draw with chalk.

Utilize the vertical wall space in your new playroom by putting in a toy cubby. Your kids can display their favorite toys, easily accessing any books, games or play sets they need without having to dig through bins, boxes or their closet. Chalkboard or dry erase labels come in handy here, as older children can display what’s in each cubby, and erase/rewrite as they switch things up.

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