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Tips on How to Pack Without Bubble Wrap

Do you want to learn how to pack without bubble wrap? If you’re moving and packing right now, you probably know that moving supplies can be very expensive. Bubble wrap is no exception. But yet you need something to pad your breakables so they make the move unscathed. Using smart cost-saving techniques and items you already have around the house can ensure your belongings are still protected without having to spend a fortune on wrap.


In addition to cost, there are other reasons why you don’t have to invest in bubble wrap, such as its environmental unfriendliness. Because it’s made of plastic sheets, it’s non-degradable. There are some green bubble wrap options on the market, but they cost even more. If you absolutely need at least some bubble wrap for your move, there are ways to find it cheap or free.

You can ask your friends, neighbors or colleagues if they have any leftover rolls of bubble wrap or even send out a plea on Facebook. You could also visit the nearest large retailer in your town to see if they have used bubble wrap they don’t need. And finally, you can search online for free bubble wrap online at websites like Freecycle and Craigslist.

Alternative Packing Materials

Here are some common alternative packing materials that you can use instead of bubble wrap, and the best part is, you may already have these in your house.

  • Packing paper: White packing paper will provide a cushioning layer to protect fragile items during your move, conforming easily to all shapes and keeping dust or moisture from getting at your items. Packing paper is cheaper than bubble wrap so you can save some money there. By the same token, though, because packing paper is much thinner than bubble wrap, you will have to use more of it.
  • Blankets: Thick furniture blankets or old blankets you no longer use can be a great alternative for bubble wrap. They can be bulky, though, so they won’t work for smaller fragile items.
  • Towels: Use old towels to wrap your delicates without having to spend money. Keep in mind towels are heavier than bubble wrap so you have to take the extra weight into consideration when packing boxes.
  • Clothing and bed sheets: Old clothes and bed sheets are not only good for wrapping fragile items but they can also fill gaps inside your cardboard boxes.
  • Socks: Place your kitchen glasses, stemware and utensils inside clean socks, then place them securely into pre-padded boxes.
  • Newspapers: These can work but be careful what you use them for. The ink can transfer to certain items. Newspapers are better used as space fillers inside your boxes rather than as protective layers for your fragile or expensive items.


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