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Organization Tips for Kids’ Bedrooms

Moving soon and need tips about organization for your kids and their bedrooms? You may be in the process of organizing your kids’ cluttered bedrooms and packing stuff up. Now’s the time to make a vow that their bedrooms in the new place will remain clutter-free and organized from day one. From toys and clothes to school papers and electronics, kids’ rooms easily become messy, seemingly overnight.

Here are some tips on how to organize your kid’s bedroom once you move into the new house, as well as how you can pack their old room more efficiently.

Get Rid of Trash

Trash all broken toys, stained and ripped clothes, and school papers that aren’t important. You can donate the items that are still in good condition.

Sort Through Clothes

Do this by section, tackling drawers first, then closets. Make three piles:

  • Keep – Clothing that your kid still wears.
  • Donate – Clothes that won’t fit your child much longer, or clothes they no longer want to wear.
  • Store – Store clothes that no longer fit one child but that you plan to hand down to a younger child. This bin can also include clothes that hold emotional value.

Sort Through Toys

Delegate this task and ask your child to go through all their toys with you. Ask them what they play with and no longer play with. This will teach them to clean their own rooms and rid the space of things they no longer want but that another child could benefit from. For very small children, getting them involved won’t work, because they always seem to want everything put in front of them, even if it’s been a year or more since they saw it!

Only keep toys that are age appropriate, that still work, or that they have an emotional connection with, such as a Teddy bear.

Organize Books

Store current books they enjoy reading in a bookcase, and put everything else spine-up in lockable, clear containers to protect against moisture or pest damage. Label each bin.

Purge the Papers

You can’t keep every test, worksheet, and piece of art your child has ever given you. Trash what isn’t significant and keep only the most special items. If you won’t have the space in your new place to store all that artwork, take pictures of each item before trashing and make a scrapbook. You can also create memory boxes for them to store small items and trinkets.

Clean All Surfaces

Once you’ve packed up everything for the move, clean and sanitize all surfaces, then vacuum. And on the other end, before moving everything into their new bedroom, do the same so they have a fresh, clean start.

Create Storage Solutions

To avoid running into the same cluttered mess in a few weeks’ time, create efficient storage solutions so your kids can keep their own rooms clean every day. Incorporate bins, color-coded cubbies, shelving and more, with labels on everything to keep confusion to a minimum.

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