How to Make Moving In and Living With Roommates Easy

Deciding to live with a roommate, whether that’s a long-established friend or a virtual stranger you need to help you pay the rent, has its pros and cons. Living with roommates can be very beneficial, from offsetting rent and mortgage costs, to the ability to carpool with someone to work, to simple companionship. However, spending that much time in close quarters means you have to make special considerations and build some ground rules from the very start.

Here are some tips on how to make moving in and living with roommates easy.

Set Ground Rules Early On

Sit down even before move-in day to make important decisions about everything from finances to chores to paying the rent. If you feel better about it, put all those agreements in writing so all parties are held accountable. Decide how you will split the housework, who will cook dinner on which nights, how you will share grocery-shopping duties, and even how you will resolve problems that come up within the household.

You may also want to set some limits about having friends over or hosting parties at the apartment. Some roommates like peace and quiet, while others like to throw a lot of get-togethers. Making your wishes known on this topic will help avoid fights later on about how much is too much.

Compromise and Be Considerate

Living in your own space means making compromises with the people who share that space with you. There are certainly many benefits of living with roommates, but you still have to respect the needs and boundaries of those you live with. Compromise and courtesy are important considerations.

This could be as simple as not hitting snooze 10 times every morning as the alarm continually blasts, or taking a short shower so your roommates have enough hot water for theirs. It may involve picking up after yourself so your roommate doesn’t have to pick your socks up off the floor. Get on the same page about these small compromises, and your living space will become more harmonious.

Compromising can also benefit you financially. Before moving day, start a group text to determine who will bring what to the new home or apartment. You don’t need three microwaves. Delegate tasks. Assign someone to handle décor, and another person to pick up the essentials such as toilet paper, for instance.

Make Moving In Easy

It can be a long and stressful day of hauling boxes up and down flights of stairs, coordinating rides, and trying to squeeze furniture through a tight hallway. All of this can make tempers build. Make it easier on yourself and your new roommates by hiring professional movers like Texas Best Movers. Contact us today for a free quote at 210-764-6683.