San Antonio Moving Tips

Having started this business in 1991,  we have many San Antonio moving tips. We have many years of experience about preparing for a move before the movers show up and how to make your move go smoothly throughout the day when the movers are actually doing their work.


Moving & Packing Tips

Packing Tips

  • Always tape the bottoms AND tops of boxes
  • Don’t over-pack a box
  • Use small boxes for heavy items (books, papers, tools, etc.)
  • Medium Boxes for toys, kitchen items, etc.
  • Large Boxes for lightweight items (shades, linens, clothes)
  • Specialized Boxes for dishes, china and crystal
  • Use plenty of Bubble Wrap or Wrapping Paper for fragile items
  • If it’s worth packing – then it’s worth packing right
  • Fragile and heavy items need to be in separate boxes

Moving Tips

Texas Best Movers have many moving tips to help your local and long-distance moves be a little more smooth.


All moving companies will be able to supply boxes meant for household goods and specialized for particular items. There are boxes for clothing (hanging or folded), dishes and china, mirrors and artwork, electronics, etc. Ask your mover for more information and ask if he can deliver boxes and packing materials to your home without a delivery charge.


Try to avoid “end of the month moves”. Most leases will expire at the end of the month, that means that a great many people will be trying to move at the time. Be prepared to plan well ahead to be certain that a mover will have enough time to move your possessions. The same timing problem applies to weekends. When the end of the month coincides with the a weekend, the problem becomes even more important to you.


You will need to check with your insurance agent about whether you possessions will be covered during a move. You may need to purchase additional insurance.


Most customers believe that they are fully covered when they hire a mover. This is not true. Movers will automatically provide valuation of 60 cents per pound per article. This is minimal coverage and every customer needs to know that if they wish to have additional coverage, they will have to purchase insurance before the date of the move.


Most movers can either provide or arrange for storage for their customers. There are two kinds of storage: containerized and self storage. There advantages to both types. If you are going to need storage, be sure to ask your mover for advice.


Always change the locks on your new home. Also ask the police for a free security check on your new home, not being familiar with your new home, you may not recognize vulnerable areas.

Tax Deductions

The tax code does have deductions available for moving, but they do not apply to every move. Please be certain that you ask a professional (a CPA) for help with these deductions.


Movers generally try to do an estimate at your home, this is the most accurate type of estimate. However, if you are moving on short notice, there may not be time to do an in-house estimate and the mover will do the estimate over the phone. It is very important that you tell the mover about everything that you plan to move and any extra stops that may be necessary.

Do’s & Don’ts of Moving


  • Label all boxes and keep an inventory
  • Tape the bottoms and tops of all boxes
  • Plan early
  • Check you insurance policy
  • Notify the post office and utility companies


  • Do not pack perishables or flammables
  • Do not over pack boxes – they will split open
  • Do not pack jewelry or money – take that yourself
  • Do not pack heavy items in large boxes. It will slow down the movers and be the cause of damages.

Just as buying a house is often one of the biggest purchases a family will ever make, the move itself is also often something that requires a fair amount of coordination. Whether you’re moving into your very own home, or you’re headed to a new apartment, the good decisions you make today will help you when your home movers arrive to take you to your new place.

Making a Checklist

You’ve got a ton of things to do before your move, even if your moving company will be handling all the packing, loading, and unloading into your new residence. Before you buy any boxes, or start scheduling your move, you’ll need a simple piece of paper and a pen to make a checklist.

If you’re a fan of technology, you can also use a spreadsheet program. Tablet computers, “phablets,” and smartphones also make great digital notepads. Each of these steps is a project on its own.

Some of the items you’ll want to put on your preliminary checklist include:

  1. Create a budget for your move
  2. Inventory your home’s contents
  3. Make appointments with local movers, babysitters, and pet sitters
  4. Schedule turning on utilities at your new place
  5. Have a garage sale or donation day before the move
  6. Schedule turning off utilities at your old home
  7. Inspect your old home before you depart


Little Tips That Make Life Easier

Even if you’re the most organized and driven person in the world, these savvy tips can make your move even easier.

Buy Extra Boxes

If you’re doing your own packing, there’s a very good chance you’ll underestimate how many boxes you’ll need. Professional movers always have enough boxes on hand, so they never have to worry about running out, but you don’t want to keep making runs to the store to buy more boxes, right?

Did You Know? Many box stores and storage companies will let you return unused boxes.

Pack Essentials Before Moving Day

Even if your San Antonio movers are just hauling your possessions across town, it’s still important to have some essentials on hand just in case something goes haywire. Pack some bags with a change of clothes, toiletries, and other things you might need for a few nights.
These items will also come in very handy on the first night you’re in your new house, and you have yet to unpack.

Use Clear Bins for Important Items

You probably can’t pack everything you’ll need in just a few overnight bags, and this is where you’ll want to use those large plastic containers with the snapping tops. You’ll know exactly where your kitchen essentials, bathroom items, and small electronics are because they’ll be clearly visible in the bins when your full-service movers unload everything.

Get Friendly with Labels

Hopefully, you already plan on labeling the boxes, but you can go further than stickers that read “bedroom” or “kitchen” on them. To cut down on the time it takes to pack on moving day, create your labels early. Even if you have extra labels at the end of it, the expense is only a few cents.

Remember: Place the labels on the side of the box. You can’t see a label on the top of a box when it’s stacked!

Start Early… Earlier Than You Think

The fastest way to move is always going to be with professional movers handling the packing and loading. However, if you’re determined to save money by handling some part of the process on your own you’ll want to start early on projects like making an inventory list, creating labels, and packing.

There’s no harm in getting done too soon when you’re moving. The hassle comes when your movers in San Antonio show up, and you’re not done packing!

Get Help for Large Items

Those shows on HGTV and the DIY Network will have you thinking you can build your own house from the ground up, but don’t overdo it on the “He-Man” stuff. Loading boxes into a truck is one thing. Moving something huge like a piano is quite another.

Downsize and De-Clutter

Humans naturally accumulate stuff over time and often move to bigger homes because they have so much furniture and possessions. Even if you’re moving to a larger space, you’ll want to consider going through everything you own to figure out what you can sell, donate, or throw away.

Perhaps those old children’s books could end up at the local library, and the skis and snowsuit you haven’t used in 10 years could find a buyer on eBay or Craigslist. Also, consider that you may save money on your move by moving fewer items.

Don’t Stock That Fridge

If you’re traveling across the country, remember to halt or slow your grocery store purchases. Anything that belongs in the refrigerator won’t last if you have to drive with it for three days from Washington to Texas.

On that same note, you’ll want to unplug your refrigerator at least a day before your moving company arrives. Remember that your freezer is full of ice. You don’t want it to melt all over everything during transport!


Locally, Statewide or Nationwide

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