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What Does Moving Cost Your Stone Oak Business?

Looking for Stone Oak movers to help with your business move?

While certainly exciting and worthwhile, moving your business isn’t cheap. Most business moves are the result of company expansion or growth, but it’s important to keep costs in check and make sure things don’t get out of hand. If you’re on a budget and think you’ll save money by engaging in a DIY move, think again.


There are many hidden costs when you do it yourself, such as the expense of having to replace equipment that was damaged in transit by inexperienced staff members. Hiring Stone Oak movers is your best bet and can save you the most money in the end.

If you plan to move your Stone Oak business yourself, here’s what a move will cost you.

Daily Disruptions

When you move, your daily processes and procedures are disrupted, which can impact productivity and thus your bottom line. This can lead to order errors and customer service delays, for example. Customer trust and loyalty should remain a priority when moving, so plan things out well ahead of time, let your customers know of the impending move and any possible disruptions. It’s best to be honest about the process and what can happen. They will appreciate your candor.

Paying Employees Extra

You may want to cut corners where you can, which is why many employers decide to pay their employees extra to help them with the move. This isn’t a smart idea. If you are moving y our Stone Oak business during business hours without shutting down during the relocation, you will have to pay them overtime, and those costs can quickly add up. And if both locations are open at once while the relocation is going on, you’ll be paying twice the overhead. When you hire professional movers, you only pay the standard rate.  Plus, if you take your employees away from their regular duties, you will lose that productivity.

Workers Comp Costs Can Swamp You

If one of your employees pulls their back while moving their desk, you will have to pay out a lot in workers comp claims and possibly have to train a temporary replacement while they are recovering. You can avoid these expenses and possible legal action by simply hiring a professional mover with all the right licenses and insurance. Plus, movers take all precautions against damage and risk, wearing the proper clothing and using the proper equipment for safety.

Protecting Your Health

You must take care of yourself during your relocation so you don’t get run down and sick. Your health is a top priority when moving so that when you get into the new digs, you’ll be able to hit the ground running. Reducing your stress is a big way to stay healthy, and hiring movers certainly reduces stress!


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