How to Ship Wine Properly and Safely

Transporting your wine collection to your new home can get tricky without the proper preparations. But with the right planning, skills, and tools, you can manage this task without harm to your collection. Packing, moving and shipping wine doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult if you heed these tips:

  • Get an appraisal. First, you need to know what your wine collection is worth before you move it. Then, if it becomes damaged in any way, you can seek out reimbursement. Don’t know where to get an appraisal? Ask for a recommendation from your local fine wine shop or distributor.
  • Buy the proper supplies. If the budget is tight, pack your wine bottles in paper or bubble wrap, then place them in regular boxes. Use extra paper to fill in any gaps. Your best bet is to use wine boxes that are made specifically for this purpose. These will make shipping wine go smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Drink up. You should only pack wine bottles that have not been opened yet. Open bottles can leak, so finish off the open bottles before moving.
  • Check corks. Make sure the corks are all in tight enough so they stay put during transport. If you are concerned about this, buy a set of cork cages for added protection.
  • Reinforce box bottoms. If the boxes you have are not very sturdy, add two to three layers of extra cardboard at the bottom before placing your wine bottles inside. Secure the boxes with extra tape.
  • Refrain from storing bottles upright. Corks thrive on moisture. This is why you always see them stored on their sides in wine cellars and coolers. When shipping your own wine, set corked bottles downward or on their sides.
  • Label boxes as fragile. You don’t want your perfectly-packed boxes getting crushed and smashed because movers didn’t know what was in the box, and thus didn’t realize they shouldn’t be stacked. Don’t forget to indicate which side should be placed up.
  • Consider the temperature. Wine should remain at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so transport your small wine collection in your own vehicle or in a climate-controlled van if you have a large collection.
  • Check with the alcohol beverage control authorities in your state. Call and ask if you are allowed to transport wine into the state. Are there any restrictions or special rules you should follow?

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