How to Safely Move a Home Arcade Machine

A move is stressful enough if you just have a bunch of boxes and standard furniture. But add in a large and bulky item such as a pool table, pinball machine, arcade game or other coin-operated game, and it’s a whole different ball of wax. Not only are these big machines costly, they probably hold some level of sentimental value too. If you don’t take the right precautions when packing your machine up, you could damage it during the move.

Tips for Moving an Arcade Game

Unlike a pinball machine that you can fold up, or a pool table whereby you can remove the legs, an arcade machine is in one piece. Translation? You’ll have to wrap it with padding and blankets, secure those with a bungee, and have your mover load it onto a dolly to transport the machine to the truck. The difficulty level of the move will vary with the number of stairs you have, the cramped nature of your hallways, and the availability of an elevator.

Beforehand, take detailed measurements, which will really help out your movers. Usually, the weight of the machine isn’t what makes the job so tough, but rather, it’s the tight quarters and cramped spaces that elevate the difficulty level.

Tips for Moving a Pinball Machine

To prevent damage, here’s how you can disassemble and transport your pinball machine before moving:

  1. Take out all the pinballs and put them in a baggie.
  2. Fold down the head of the pinball game if possible.
  3. Secure it to the rest of the game, using heavy-duty plastic wrap, to keep it from bouncing around during the move.
  4. Take off the back legs and lay the machine on the ground.
  5. Lift up the front so that the coin door is going upwards.
  6. Take off the front legs.
  7. Wrap the cabinet in blankets to prevent damage to the paint, accessories, and exterior.
  8. Place the machine on a hand truck (your movers can handle this part and any of the above)

Tips for Moving a Pool Table

Take off the most delicate parts first, wrapping them separately. You will have to take some time to remove the slate, screws and felt from the table prior to taking off the legs.

Here are some more tips:

  • Take off the six ball pockets.
  • With a socket wrench, take off the side rails.
  • Remove the felt with a staple remover.
  • Remove the slates, keeping in mind they may weigh up to 450 pounds.
  • Remove each pool table leg, turning the table upside down to make this easier.

If all of these tasks seem like a lot of work, that’s because it is a lot of work. That’s why hiring a mover to relocate your pool tables, arcade machines and pinball machines is such a great idea. They will show up with the necessary equipment, tools and padding to ensure a successful job.

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