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How to Pack Your Kitchen Stove


When moving, it’s common for everything to get removed from the house, and yes, that includes stoves. Unless you have an agreement with the buyer that you will be leaving the stove for their use, you have to take it with you – or at least get it out of the house and dispose of it.

It goes without saying that it’s best to leave this task up to professional movers, but if you are intent on moving it yourself, here are some proven tips.

Clean it Thoroughly

The last thing you want to do when prepping for a move is to give your stove or range a deep clean. But this step cannot be skipped. Not only is a greasy stove difficult to move because it will be impossible to get a steady grip, all that dirt and debris will fall to the floor, which you will then have to clean up.

Plus, the dirt and debris will get tracked into your new home and you really don’t want that!

First, remove all detachable parts, including knobs, grates, racks, and broiler pans. Clean these with soapy water in your sink. Wrap them and put them in a box, being sure to label the contents.

In cleaning the actual stove, you will need water, a gentle cleanser, a rag, and a degreaser. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.

Disconnect the Stove

Now that the unit is clean, it’s time to disconnect it from the wall.

Whether your stove is gas or electric, it’s dangerous to move this appliance. Call an electrician, utilities professional or appliance professional to do this for you. Your movers are only qualified to move the item, not disconnect it. Don’t waste valuable time on moving day only to learn your movers can’t get it done.

You can’t just unplug the stove from the wall. It involves shutting off the main gas line and capping the pipe.

Protect the Stove

First, tape the oven door shut so it doesn’t swing open when it is being moved. Wrap all cords and secure them with twist ties or rubber bands. Wrap the stove in moving blankets and secure with tape.

Move It

Because stoves are very heavy and can scratch your floors, we recommend letting the pros handle this part. But if you still want to do it yourself, use a moving mat, planks, or appliance dolly. Get a buddy to help you. Use a ramp to get the appliance up and into the truck, then strap it into place.

Set It Back Up

Once at the new home, you will have to reverse all these steps. Make sure you have set up an appointment with someone from the gas or electric company to connect the unit, advises

Stoves are big investments. Take the proper precautions to ensure it is moved safely and without damage!

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