How to Move a Desk From One Home to the Other



Are you trying to move a desk from one home to another?

Moving heavy furniture from one house to the other is not an easy task. It takes time, effort and muscle to do it right, which is why you should really take the time to decide if it’s even worth it. But if you absolutely can’t or don’t want to part with your favorite desk, here’s how you can get it moved efficiently.

Choose a Packing Method

The desk packing method you use will depend on the size and shape of the item.

  • Small- to medium-size desk. You should only need to protect the surface of the desk with the right padding materials, such as thick furniture blankets. Just be sure to secure the drawers.
  • Large desk. These may need to be partially disassembled before you packing. Large L-shaped desks, for instance, should be disassembled into two parts at least, in order to be easily and safely carried from the home.

Gather Your Packing Supplies

Here’s what you’ll need to pack your desk:

  • Blankets. Use specialized furniture blankets that provide sufficient padding for protection.
  • Packing paper. This soft wrapping paper will provide the first layer of protection for fragile desk elements.
  • Bubble wrap. Use this over the packing paper to further protect fragile components.
  • Stretch wrap. Use this to secure the blankets to the desk.
  • Packing tape. Don’t apply packing tape directly on the desk surface because the adhesive could damage the finish.

Disassemble if Necessary

You’ll have to disassemble large desks to reduce their overall weight and size. Remove all drawers, then detach any elements that can be removed, such as trays and glass panels. Remove legs as well. Keep all small parts such as nuts, bolts, metal planks, screws, and washers in sealable plastic bags.

Pack Desk Components

Wrap these elements in paper first, then in bubble wrap. Tape it all together with packing tape.  Be sure to wrap glass parts in furniture blankets so they don’t shatter.

Pack Desk Drawers

It’s best to empty the desk drawers for safety. If the drawer only contains small things such as pens and paper clips, leave everything in the drawer, place packing paper on top, and wrap it all in stretch wrap.

If there are heavy items inside the drawer, like books and files, take each item out and pack them separately.

Clear a Path

Determine which path you will take out of the home, removing any obstacles along the way. Measure doorways, hallways and corners, as well as the desk, beforehand to make sure everything fits.

Use Sliders

Using furniture sliders will help you preserve your back and ensure no damage happens to your floors. Have some helpers on hand to assist you in navigating the desk across the floor, down stairs and into the truck.

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