How to Move a Couch Through a Small Door

Moving is no doubt a challenging task, even for the best of us. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large and spacious home, there are many obstacles that can make the moving process frustrating. One of the most common hurdles homeowners face when moving is trying to fit large objects such as couches through doorways.

It takes precision, time and patience to get it right. And once you get it through the doorway you also have to get that couch down the hallway, down the stairs and into the moving truck. With the right preparation, you can make your couch fit with minimal exertion. And if it proves too daunting a task, at least you know you can always call our movers!

Use a Measuring Tape

Measuring the dimensions of your couch as well as the doorway is key. Don’t leave this till the last minute. Get out a measuring tape and determine the width, length and height of your couch. Include the height of the legs if they cannot be removed. Remember, the height of the couch is the distance from the top of the couch’s back to the floor. If you can detach the legs,  do that, then measure from the bottom of the couch to the top of the couch’s back.

Now, you need to measure the opening of the doorway. Get the height and width of all doors through which your couch will need to go. Many times, doors vary in dimensions, so don’t just take measurements for one and assume that will apply to all.

Making the Move

Take off all the couch cushions, which will not only lighten the weight of the couch but will also ensure no obstacles will be falling and getting in your way. Place cardboard on carpeted surfaces so you can easily slide your couch along. Standing the couch up on one end, with the bottom of the couch towards the doorway. Now, make sure the back and bottom of the couch form a V. Slide the couch through the door with a friend, putting the seat facing inside. Let the couch wrap around the doorway as you slide it through.

Take care moving it along hallways. Have plenty of help to handle the weight of the furniture, preferably with someone in front guiding the way.

Call in the Professionals

Proving too tough? Call in the pros. Texas Best Moving and Storage is a leading moving company in San Antonio, helping families just like yours safely and efficiently move their furniture in a timely, affordable manner. You can rest easy knowing our expert crew of movers can solve even the most complicated moving challenges, especially when it comes to maneuvering large furniture through small spaces. Not only can we determine the right angle to get your couches through the doorway, we can dismantle and reassemble furniture that’s too big to make it through.

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