7 Tips for Displaying Art in Your New Place

Well, you did it – you successfully moved to your new home. Your belongings — art collection included — made it unscathed. Now it’s time to make the house yours, putting the finishing touches on your walls. Hanging your artwork is one of the best ways to turn your new house or apartment into a home.

This is your chance to make the space your own with art that reflects your interests, your culture, your region and even your favorite destinations. Here are seven tips for displaying art in your new place, whether you brought it with you or you’re buying brand new.

1.    Showcase Your Personality

Choose pieces that showcase your personality. Do you love to travel? Wall maps and map art will make a statement, wake up your walls and spark interesting conversation. You and your guests can pinpoint places you’ve already been and discuss where you plan to travel next.

2.    Consider Size and Shape of the Walls

Each room will demand a different look and feel from your artwork. Consider the size and shape of the wall where you plan to hang a particular piece. For tall and narrow walls, choose vertical art that reflects that shape well; for a large, long wall, try a larger, more horizontal piece of art.

3.    Lay it Out on the Floor First

When figuring out how to group art on a particular wall, preview how the grouping will look by laying it out on the floor beforehand. This will allow you to easily move things around when deciding on a particular arrangement – a time and energy saver.

4.    Hang Art at the Right Height

Hang artwork at the right height. Keep in mind, the average human eye level is approximately 57 inches from the floor. Hanging art over a couch or sofa? Position it between five and 10 inches higher for a better visual representation.

5.    Center the Artwork

Take precise measurements to ensure you center the artwork accurately. Your couch may be butting up against a wall with a side table, but the couch may not necessarily be centered. Other complications may include beams along your ceiling that can skew the placement.

6.    Place Art on Bookshelves

Who says your artwork has to be hung on walls? You can place framed art on bookshelves, on mantels, or you can lean it against the back of a chair.

7.    Use Mirrors

Mirrors enhance a room because they expand the space. Keep a close eye on what the mirrors will reflect, making sure you can capture artwork across the room for a nice effect. Bonus: this will make your room look bigger.

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