8 Ways to Make Rooms Feel Bigger

If you’ve just moved into a new home and it’s on the small side, you may be wondering what you can do to open up the space a bit. When it comes to making your rooms feel bigger, your only option isn’t just knocking down walls. There are plenty of other ways to open up the space, using design techniques to offer more functionality to any room of the home.  If you have a small home or apartment, heed these tips to expanding your square footage – or at least make it seem that way.

1.  Make Sure Furniture Flows

A room can appear open and airy, or cramped and crowded depending on how you place your furniture and how much of it you have. Place heavier, larger pieces along the periphery of the room so as not to disrupt flow. Also, your furniture shouldn’t block windows or entrances, and you should make sure you have a clear pathway throughout.

2.     Hang Curtains High

No one says curtain rod must be installed right at the top of the window. If you have a small room, you can give the illusion of additional height when you install the curtain rod four to six inches above the frame of the window. Then, hang long curtains that go all the way down to the floor.

3.  Hang Art Low

Place your artwork and photo frames vertically on the wall, center them, then bring then down a few inches. This is a common visual trick by designers to give the appearance of more ceiling height.

4.  Bathe Your Rooms in Light

Dark spaces feel smaller. Instead of opaque curtains, use sheer ones to flood the room with natural light.

5.  Build In Storage

Adding in built-in bookcases and storage cabinets will streamline your home’s look and storage needs. That’s because they bring additional height and texture to the walls.

6.  Hide Your Storage

Or, you could opt to hide your clutter by using furniture that doubles as storage units, such as coffee tables, ottomans and benches that are hollow inside to fit items.

7.  Install Mirrors

Mirrors also make rooms feel bigger because they reflect the space back at you, essentially doubling it in size. With a few strategically placed mirrors, you can turn a flat space into one with depth and dimension.

8.  Paint With Light Colors

Choose light paint for your walls to maximize the appearance of space. Good choices include white, beige, light gray and light blue. But don’t be afraid to add pops of color! You can paint a bolder hue on an accent wall instead or color block to have two-thirds of the vertical space feature a vibrant color and one-third in a light neutral.

Making your rooms feel bigger is all about balance – balance between dark and heavy, light and dark, and vertical and horizontal.

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