4 Tips for Remote Workers Planning a Move

If you are a remote worker, whether you are a writer, consultant or graphic designer, you enjoy the flexibility that comes with a job that doesn’t require you to report to an off-site office every day. The remote workforce is growing in this country and globally every year, as more and more people decide to work for themselves. These remote workers report higher job satisfaction, improved productivity, and a more flexible lifestyle.

Plus, they have the flexibility to move to a different location without the need to change employment. Even with the flexibility of remote work, though, there are some things to consider before you make your move.

1.  Tell Your Employer/Employers About Your Moving Plans

Your remote career may not be contingent on your location, but you still want to double check with your employer or employers before moving away from your area. Different time zones can be involved, which can impact phone and online conferences, as well as due dates for deliverables. Location also comes into play if you are required to attend occasional meetings or company events. Even if you’re sure nothing your employer won’t care if you move, they will appreciate the heads-up. You have to provide them with a new address for payment, etc. anyway.

2.  Check the New Location for Internet and Cell Phone Service

Some areas don’t have very good Internet and cell phone service. Be sure to check on that beforehand. You don’t want to make the move only to get there and find the service is unavailable or unreliable. Your job likely depends on a strong connection, so make sure any potential new location has the service you need. Check phone signal strength and Internet service for the home or apartment you are looking at.

3.  Consider Suitability for Remote Work

Is your new home suitable for remote work? Do you require an office or a quiet space to concentrate? Is there enough space to set up all the equipment and electronics you will need to conduct your job properly? When touring homes or apartments, take into account your job requirements. An experienced real estate agent or property manager will help you find a location that meets all the conditions you have outlined.

4.  Get Help

It can be very stressful to move as a remote worker. Usually, remote workers are paid as contractors and do not get a regular pay check if they don’t actually do the work. This means you will have to move fairly quickly to avoid downtime that will affect your pay. For that, you should hire a trustworthy moving company that can help prevent damage and delays when moving your home office.

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